Stop Sugar/Carb Cravings, Lose Your Belly & Start Craving Healthy Foods

Thinking of food cravings might bring to mind a pregnant woman yearning for pickles and ice cream, but cravings can hit anyone, anytime.

Research shows nearly everyone experiences them occasionally, and nearly all of us have experienced a craving at least once in the past year.

As the old Pringles tagline goes, “Once you pop, you can’t stop!” and you know it’s true, you can’t eat just one or two cookies, or just one handful of chips, before you know it, the whole package is gone.

Most people get intense cravings for junk food at some point in their lives, and some of us experience these cravings frequently.

Problem is, giving in to cravings and eating the desired food doesn’t always satisfy the craving. Why is this?

Research is showing that many cravings are an indication that your body is lacking in certain minerals that can be found in the desired food, though these foods are not the best source of these minerals.

By knowing what your cravings are trying to tell you, you may be able to ease your cravings without going overboard on junk.


Eating out all the time isn’t great… for your weight, your health, or your budget, but the occasional indulgence is important for your mental health and can actually help keep you on track.

When you do eat out, make the most of it. Try taking the whole family and ordering a few entrees to share. This gives you more of a variety and is more satisfying.


Eating from your pantry means eating a lot of processed foods filled with added ingredients.

Eating from your fridge means focusing on fresh, whole foods that are higher in nutrition and lower in added ingredients such as sugar, salt, and preservatives.


Make sure you always have delicious, healthy snacks on hand so you’re always prepared when hunger strikes.

Including a bit of dark chocolate will keep you away from the junk food when cravings hit.


Research shows that color can influence your appetite. One study found that participants eating in a blue room ate nearly a third fewer calories than in rooms of any other color.

While you could repaint your kitchen, eating on blue plates is easier and just as effective. The researchers believe that it works because few foods are naturally blue.


Being miserable can actually increase your susceptibility to illness, and stress can increase your waistline while decreasing your life expectancy.

Do a little spring cleaning, of your relationships, that is, and make time and space for things you enjoy.


Limiting your eating to between 9 am and 6:30 pm gives your body plenty of time to fast overnight, which can help you lose and keep off weight.


Negative thoughts drag you down. Combat them with a mantra you can focus on when they start to creep in.

Try “Every day I am growing stronger, healthier, and sexier”. That should cover it all.