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Welcome to the “Blood Pressure Plan” by Enrico Forte and Valerie.

Enrico Forte is a certified nutrition and wellness consultant by the AFPA, an internationally renowned nutrition educator and culinary professional, and a public speaker. He holds an MBA from a prestigious business school, where he specialized in the field of nutrition and wellness business. With his education and experience, he has become a highly regarded expert in the field of healthy eating.

Together with his wife Valerie, a qualified nutrition educator and public speaker, Enrico has been helping people change their eating habits since 2004. They are healthy eating bloggers and friends of the Alliance for Natural Health USA, and they reside in Italy with their family.

The “Blood Pressure Plan” is a scientifically-backed program designed to improve the health of its participants through nutrition. The plan is strictly based on the official guidelines of the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute and is a proven way to lower blood pressure and improve overall health. It is inspired by the modern diet solutions of Dr. Ancel Keys, the American scientist who discovered and promoted the Mediterranean diet worldwide.

Enrico and Valerie are bestselling authors of a cookbook on Amazon, where they share their passion for healthy eating and cooking. They are dedicated to promoting healthy lifestyles and are pleased to offer the “Blood Pressure Plan” to interested individuals.

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Thank you for considering the “Blood Pressure Plan” and we look forward to supporting you on your journey to improved health.


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