How to Shrink Your Salt/Sodium Intake and Shed 5 Pounds

Recent studies have shown that reducing your salt consumption could bring your blood pressure down and shed extra water weight around your belly.

When your sodium level is too high, your tissues hold on to fluids, especially in your middle.

And reducing your sodium/salt intake could help your body get rid of this excess water weight.

Let’s be perfectly honest, cutting sodium means more than avoiding the salt shaker. Unfortunately, nearly 85% of the salt/sodium you eat every day does not come from the salt shaker.

In order to decrease your sodium intake, try to limit your daily sodium intake to no more than 1,500mg a day (that’s only two small teaspoons).

Here’s how to reduce your salt intake without renouncing to flavor:

  • Avoid processed and canned foods, soups, and deli meats. Choose fresh, wholesome foods whenever possible.
  • Buy lower sodium or unsalted options when available. Canned foods, soups, crackers, and pretzels are often available in lower sodium versions.
  • Remove the salt shaker and use fresh herbs and spices. Garlic, ginger & black pepper are great salt substitutes.

Bonus: Most spices have a thermogenic effect that helps you increase your metabolism and burn more calories.

Hint: Put vinegar (any kind) in your salad dressing or sprinkle a couple of tablespoons on lean meats or vegetables. Vinegar brings out the flavor of any food (as salt does) and could slow the breakdown of starch (Bread, rice, pasta) into sugar.

  • Limit foods such as bacon or pickles and condiments such as ketchup.

Tip: In a dip. Combine olive oil, fresh herbs, and low-fat Greek yogurt to make a savory dip for you fresh veggies.